LENT me tell you something

Posted by Laura Veryser on 2/21/18

Lent -- It swooped right in there.  One minute we were being all jolly and festive and then - bam - REPENTANCE and somber living.  No more kissing under the mistletoe but time to put on our hair-shirts and burlap sacks and dump ashes on our heads.It is no ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Veryser on 12/19/17

It's wild around the church offices this week.  Five different scripts are being prepared -- four different song sheets are being printed -- three bulletins are being laid out and printed -- two blondes are trying to keep it all organized and one pastor decided to lift something he ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Veryser on 11/20/17

Thanksgiving Liturgy is Tuesday November 21 at 7 pm followed by a Pie Social


Posted by Laura Veryser on 9/26/17

It's that time of year, where everything happens at once!  Where my brain kicks into high gear and I Faalllllllll into the season and drag you all along for the ride.And while exhausting at times, the things we are doing this fall are exhilarating.  Seriously, we have community service ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Veryser on 1/21/16

I know.I surprised myself when I finally decided to switch to the new Website.It may have been a desire to bring us into the modern day world of technology, but I think it was the five times I hit my head climbing under my desk to pull out the ... Read More »


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