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Dec 19, 2017

It's wild around the church offices this week. 
Five different scripts are being prepared --
four different song sheets are being printed --
three bulletins are being laid out and printed --
two blondes are trying to keep it all organized
and one pastor decided to lift something he shouldn't have and well -- there's our new Christmas song!

Here are some quick -- what's going on around here's:

Advent Communal Reconciliation Service with Opportunities for Individual Confession and Absolution...(say that five times fast)
is December 19, 2017 at 7pm.  Come on over and lighten your burdens before visiting with relatives -- chances are this won't get you through to the new year but it might help you cut down on the list of offenses.

Christmas Liturgies  ~  wait...Christmas Eve is also on the 4th Sunday of Advent? How many times do I have to go to church in one weekend?
Well if you are Larry, you have to go to 7 Liturgies. (I feel a little sorry for the folks at 10:30 am Christmas Day -- he ought to be weirder then normal).
So yes, we are having our regular weekend Liturgies and then:
Christmas Eve -- Sunday, December 24  there is a 4:30 pm Liturgy with a Pageant  with a half-hour of Carol's before hand. 
Get there early because this is our most popular and happening Liturgy -- it's like church on sugar. 
Then we have a more relaxed 10 pm Liturgy -- still moving and popping but at a comfortable pace. 
This Liturgy also has Carols before hand (i'm talking music not just a bunch of folks named Carol milling around for a half hour).
Christmas Day -- Monday, December 25 we have an 8:30 am Liturgy and a 10:30 am Liturgy
and you've guessed it -- some beautiful music will be pumping out of our choirs a half hour before each liturgy on Christmas Day too!

And then we are closed -- because by then we have begun to babble. 
The Offices will re open January 2.  St. Hubert is hosting the New Year's Day Liturgy at 9 am
and then we are off and running for the New Year

As I am typing this, I am sitting among the socks, hats and long underwear from the Giving Tree. It's under my desk, on my desk and in a giant pile in the middle of my office.  When people enter the room it is usually with the OMG look.  And I love it!  It's the most fitting, although commandment breaking, phrase for what they see and I've come to value it as a shout of thanksgiving. 
Oh My God...what a wonderful kind community you've chosen to plop me in the middle of --
Oh My God...what a generous abundance fills this space --
Oh My God...thank you for the opportunity to be in a position to help those without the basics
and of course OMG -- thank you for all you've blessed me with.

Merry Christmas
The Mini-Pastor


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