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LENT me tell you something

Feb 21, 2018

Lent -- It swooped right in there. 
One minute we were being all jolly and festive and then - bam - REPENTANCE and somber living. 
No more kissing under the mistletoe but time to put on our hair-shirts and burlap sacks and dump ashes on our heads.
It is no wonder the secular world doesn't get in on this gig (well except for deals on fish sandwiches and seafood)
but if you think about it should be the the more lively of the season.  (These are times I'm glad stoning people isn't a popular option) 

Lent is the season we celebrate all the living Jesus did --
He teaches, He heals, He feasts with friends, He miracles all over the place, He laughs, He gets mad, He consoles, He despairs and He weeps. 

So why don't we do these things too and make this Lent as ALIVE as Christ always be. 

  • Celebrate this life with your friends and family and all around you. 
  • Teach the world the goodness and realness of the Gospels. 
  • Heal those around you with your kindness. 
  • Feast with your family and friends  -- not with lavish meals -- but with simplicity and give to those who can't afford the simple food you put on your table. 
  • Perform your Miracles all over the place -- yes you too can miracle in small ways with random acts of kindness.
  • Laugh with those around you and bring that joy to those shut away from the world. 
  • Use your anger as a way to propel you towards a better tomorrow and creating plans of action --
                don't toss that anger around with your opinions and hate though. 
  • Console those who despair and let yourself despair and weep
  • Then start it all over, giving a little more of the gift of you to God.

God has called you by name... so it's up to you to make this a Living Lent


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