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Jan 21, 2016

I know.
I surprised myself when I finally decided to switch to the new Website.
It may have been a desire to bring us into the modern day world of technology, but I think it was the five times I hit my head climbing under my desk to pull out the archaic old computer with the update software on it. Pain is a great motivator.  So is humiliation and I apologize to the St. Vincent de Paul workers -- my father was not a plumber, but my pants may have led you to that conclusion, as I climbed under said desk.

Anyway --
I tried to make it perfect and "WOW"!
It isn't.
It is more like hmmmm and okay

I tried to make all of it informative and ready for any question.
It isn't.
It is more like reading the fine print and falling of a cliff mid-sentence.

But it is new and easier to use and that's pretty cool!
Thanks to Liturgical Publications for all their assistance in getting us to the 21st Centry


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