Staff Member: Nicole Walters

Staff Member: Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters

Parish Office Manager
Phone: 586-468-8734 ext 100
Email: Click Here to Email

Glitter! If glitter were a person it would be Nicole.

Nicole has been part of the St. Louis Community (sometimes only in spirit) since 1979, and begin working with the maintenance team at the church since 2015.
The team needed someone to clean the Parish Center, organize Room 6 (if it doesn't fit anywhere else, it goes in Room 6) and fix somethings so we hired Nicole!

She was perfect for the postilion because she has four boys of her own (even though it feels more like 12), and has plenty of experience sorting through chaotic clutter, as well as, sanitizing toilets (and the surrounding floor and wall areas). She has been busy perfecting the church bathrooms, dusting offices and reĀ­-organizing the kitchen (just to keep things exciting). She has also been known to help answer the phones in the office from time-to-time

When she isn't working, she is busy dropping off, picking up, driving, feeding, cleaning up after, cheering on, and/or hanging out with her boys... Nick, Josh, Antonio, and Remi.
Nicole is (almost) always smiling, socializing, joking around, and laughing. She is very hugable and loves to give them to anyone who needs one!

Nicole is also a member-at-large on Parish Council, so if you have any questions, comments or ideas about St. Louis, please let her know! She would be more than happy to talk to you.

Photo of Nicole Walters