Faith Formation = We Learn





Mission Statement
We serve to minister to the people of the St. Louis Catholic Community regardless of age or ability
by providing sound catechesis, spiritual support, direction and resources
to help put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy with, Jesus Christ

"The fundamental task of catechesis is to proclaim Christ's message, to participate in efforts to develop community,
and to lead people to worship and prayer, and to motivate them to serve others." 
(National Catechetical Directory, #213)

We strive to stay true to Christ's mission in our commitment to gospel values
and our recognition of our baptismal call to serve.
Trained catechetical ministers, together with the pastoral team, seek to foster spiritual growth
through opportunities for education, reflection and service.
This is achieved through scripture study, small faith groups, sacramental preparation,
early childhood through junior high programs, and seasonal enrichment opportunities.