Healthcare Ministries

Parish Nurses

St. Louis Parish Nurses serve as members of Christian Service.  They work to address body, mind, and spirit concerns using available parish  and community resources while utilizing parish volunteers, spiritual caregivers and health counselors.  They listen, give support and direction to our parish and community through the ministries  of health and healing.

What Parish Nurses' Do:
•Providing health information on pertinent health related topics 
•Assessing physical, emotional and spiritual needs 
•Making telephone, home, nursing home and hospital visits that may include praying with a church member 
•Advising parishioners when a doctor or health provider needs to become involved in their care 
•Referring parishioners to a physician, home care or health care agency, pastor, social service or support group and (or) respite care 
•Providing personal health counseling 
•Coordinating blood pressure and other group health screenings 
•Teaching and facilitating the use of volunteers

What Parish Nurse's Don't Do:
•Prescribing or dispensing any medications 
•Giving injections 
•Administering IV’s 
•Changing dressings 
•Giving wound care 
•Administering catheter care, catheter insertion or removal 
•Provide respite care 
•The Parish Nurse is not a substitute for home care or a public health nurse

Please contact the St. Louis Parish Nurses at 586.468.8734 ext 112 for more information. 


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