Marriage / Weddings

You and your fiancée want to make a commitment to each other in front of your family, your friends, your faith community and most importantly God.  
Now you'd like to know the procedures and processes to be married at St. Louis Catholic Community.

Any couple wishing to enter into the sacrament of Matrimony at St. Louis must first: 
(The Archdiocese of Detroit requires a Six month preparation time between Initial interview and date of Marriage.) 

  1.) Have a Parish Membership at St. Louis.  If you aren't a member of St. Louis but would like to become one, it is a quick, easy and painless process. All we ask is that you come to Liturgy a few times before officially registering.  We would like you to feel comfortable calling our community home and participating in our activities. Information on Registration can be found under General Information/Be a Member -- Register.

 2.) Set up a meeting with Father Larry Pettke.  You or your fiancée (not your Mother, Father or Grandparents) need to call Larry and choose a time that is good for all three of you to meet for an initial interview.  This meeting helps Larry get to know you as a couple as well as inform you of the details of Marriage preparation.

3.)  You must complete a Pre-Marriage inventory (PMI).  A PMI Is not a test but, rather, is the source of the FOCCUS© Couple Report, which shows patterns of strengths and areas that need the couples' attention. A trained FOCCUS Facilitator guides the couples' discussion based on their FOCCUS© Couple Report.  Key features of the Pre-Marriage Inventory are:     •Life Style Expectations   •Friends and Interests   • Personality Match  •Personal Issues   •Communication   •Problem Solving    •Religion and Values    •Parenting  • Extended Family •Sexuality   •Finances    •Marriage Readiness    •Marriage Covenant    •Key Problem Indicators    • Family of Origin    •Dual Careers     • Interfaith Marriages    • Remarriages    •Cohabiting Couples.  Answer the statements in the PMI truthfully to how you each individually feel.  The results will help you throughout your marriage understand and accept each other.

 4.) Participate in Pre-Marriage Classes.  We suggest Bright Beginnings which is held at St. Faustina Church in Warren. Fr. Larry will provide to you the information and dates available at your initial interview.