Wedding Guidelines and Policies

Here is some info to keep in mind so that your wedding planning will go smoothly.
We use the following guidelines/policies and ask that you please respect them in your wedding plans.

  • Flowers & Delivery: The church will be open at 3:00 pm for a Friday wedding and at Noon for a Saturday wedding.  We realize that flowers and floral pieces enhance and add ambiance to the setting, however, we ask that floral pieces not be placed on the altar table.  There is plenty of space before the altar table.  Bows and/or flowers may be pinned to the end chairs on the main aisle.  Arches are not to be used.
  • Bridal Room:  For the convenience of the female members of the wedding party a Bridal Room is located in the front vestibule of the church.   Please do not use this room to get dressed, but only for final prep before the ceremony.  Please do not do any eating, smoking or drinking in this room. 
  • Time: Please arrive no sooner than one hour before your ceremony.
  • Runners: For safety purposes, runners are not allowed down any aisles. (Have you ever seen somebody fall on one of these?  It's hilarious on video but in person its a mess!)
  • Rice, rose petals (artificial or real), birdseed, etc.: Please do not throw any of these items in church or as you leave church. 
  • Receiving lines:  These are discouraged at church.  Please plan to do this at the Reception Hall. (But give this a thought ... greeting your guests as they come into church to share your day with you.)
  • Drinking of Alcohol: There is ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING OF ALCOHOL on the church premises, before or after the ceremony.  
  • Limos & cars:  Do not park cars, limos or other vehicles on the sidewalk and approaches in front of the church.  (The walkways aren't strong enough to hold the weight of cars and we'd like to not remember your wedding as the one that made it look like Hulk had dropped by.)

Considerations for your Wedding Celebration

  • Music: Please contact Linda Knopp, our Music Director, as soon as possible.  She can be reached at 586-468-8734 x 109.  She will set up a meeting to go over options and related fees.  
  • Pictures and video: We realize how important pictures and/or videos have as a remembrance of the wedding celebration.  We ask, however, that flash shots be restricted to the entrance and exit processions, and that photos be taken with discretion and without flash during the Liturgy.  Please ask your photographer to refrain from unnecessary movement around the church. If video is to be used please have the video person check out the placement of camcorders and other equipment with the celebrant. (Also -- no laying on the piano -- it seems like a funny photo but once you mess-up the piano ohhhhhh boy -- you don't even want to go there.)
  •  Church use fees: St Louis Church charges a fee of $250 for using its facilities for weddings.  This fee helps with the expenses of maintaining, heating, and cooling the facility.  (It's probably the least expensive part of your wedding)
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