Posted by Laura Veryser on 11/22/21

God's timing is never our timing -- so why not enjoy the life he has given us while we wait.There is beauty to see, relationships to tend, wisdom and knowledge to obtain and people who need our help.As we wait in long lines or in doctor's offices or ... Read More »

NEW COVID-19 Liturgical Protocols

Posted by Laura Veryser on 5/20/21

The new protocols, concering Covid-19, were received on Wednesday, May 19, but that didn’t give us enough time to put into play the logistics of what has come down the line. After much discussion with the staff and with Parish Council, we have decided to postpone the new COVID-19 ... Read More »

Our Christmas Bulletin

Posted by Laura Veryser on 12/22/20


You can Check out our Special Christmas Bulletin by Clicking the Link

Christmas Bulletin

Pastor Assignment

Posted by Laura Veryser on 6/21/20

There is a song by Nicole Nordeman called Gratitude.  In the lyrics of the song she tells God what she wants:  Give us rain to break the heat,                                         Give us food to sustain our bodies and Give us Peace to fix our world.                               God does not give her exactly ... Read More »

Returning to Liturgy

Posted by Laura Veryser on 5/28/20

It's with mixed emotions that we announce our reopening this weekend, May 30/31 (Saturday 4:30 pm and Sunday 9:30 am).  There is so much joy at being able to gather in Worship together again, but so much anxiety at the unknown. Click on the link below to open our ... Read More »

Good Friday

Posted by Laura Veryser on 4/10/20

Today we watch as Jesus, our friend, carries His heavy cross through the crowded streets.  Search your souls today and try to figure out who you would be in that crowd.  We'd all like to think we'd be rushing to His aid because we know who He truly was, ... Read More »

Holy Thursday

Posted by Laura Veryser on 4/10/20

Tonight we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. In the past we would have gathered together in our worship space and unpacked the story together.

\We would have witnessed the new Holy Oils being brought into our midst — we would have rung the bells during the swelling ... Read More »


Posted by Laura Veryser on 3/13/20

Here is the latest decisions we've had to make at St. Louis due to COVID-19:All Public Masses are canceled until April 30, 2020Click the Link to see the Archbishop's Message

Downtown COVID-19

Posted by Laura Veryser on 3/12/20


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