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Good Friday

Today we watch as Jesus, our friend, carries His heavy cross through the crowded streets.  Search your souls today and try to figure out who you would be in that crowd.  We'd all like to think we'd be rushing to His aid because we know who He truly was, but the people of the time had no idea.   Only through the aid of the scriptures do we even catch a glimpse of His divinity.

Right now, our mandatory seclusion in the deserts of our homes gives us the undistracted time to reflect on the questions:  Who am I in the crowd?  What kind of follower am I? What kind of follower do I wish I was?  In our prayerful time today, lets try to figure this out.  Then, let us take the notion of the true follower of Christ we wish be and superimpose this on our everyday interactions with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Let yourself die today to the old ways so that you too, can be born anew on Easter.


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