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NEW COVID-19 Liturgical Protocols

The new protocols, concering Covid-19, were received on Wednesday, May 19, but that didn’t give us enough time to put into play the logistics of what has come down the line. After much discussion with the staff and with Parish Council, we have decided to postpone the new COVID-19 Liturgical Protocols until the weekend of May 29/30.  This way, those who might be uncomfortable with the newer arrangements, can plan accordingly, and we can move furniture around to be accommodating to everyone.

As Christians, our main call is to sacrifice for one another, and that’s what this past year-and-a-half has been. It has been a true test for us to sacrifice all of our comforts, our routines, our wants and desires, our celebrations and even our sorrows.  It has been a different sort of way that we have laid down our lives for friends, but we have done so in the mask wearing and the social distancing. So, while protocols are being relaxed as more are getting vaccinated, we ALL need to remain mindful of those who are still vulnerable in our community.  We need to remain gentle with each other as we finish this walk toward the light at the end of the "pandemic tunnel".

  • Those who are fully vaccinated, meaning you are 14 days past your second shot or only shot, are no longer required to wear face-coverings and sit socially distanced in churches.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, you will need to continue to wear face-coverings and practice social distancing.
  • If you are fully vaccinated and still wish to wear face-coverings and social distance that is completely understandable and welcomed.
  • We will be providing a portion of the church where social distancing and face-coverings will still be consistently maintained. This will mean some of you will not be able to sit in your “regular” seats.  Be kind to your usher.
  • Doors and windows will remain open to ventilate.
  • The Priest and the EMEs will still wear their masks when distributing hosts, as well as, being required to hand sanitize.
  • The faithful are encouraged to continue to Hand Sanitize.
  • The Blood of Christ will still not be offered to the faithful.
  • The Baptismal Font and the Stoops will be filled again
  • The Our Father and The Sign of Peace: We are going to continue as we have been during Covid with lessened touching. By all means, hold the hands of those in your quaren-team and continue with your team’s usual sign of peace. But we are still asking folks to refrain from the “St. Louis Our Father and Sign of Peace love fest” for a little while longer.  You might be ready to hug and shake hands, but many are not.  We must remain aware of other’s boundaries and not make people feel guilty or tempted to do something they are uncomfortable with.
  • We will continue Sanitizing the Church after each Liturgy.
  • All unvaccinated Persons are encouraged to consult with their doctor about the vaccines. Resources to assist Catholics in understanding the moral use of COVID vaccines can be found at

To Read the Archbishop's letter concering the changes click the link below:

Archbishop Vigneron's letter to the Faithfull concerning New COVID-19 Liturgical Protocols - May 19, 2021

Concerning our Offices:  At this time, the Offices remain closed to public entry.  Masks are still required in common spaces.  Our bathrooms in the school building are still not open to the public. 


  • Mary KristoffPosted on 6/14/21

    Hi, heh, what are people who have had the illness supposed to do? We have been told that we don't need the shot because we have a natural immunity to the virus; in fact, it can cause illness in us. I don't really want to give up my religion because of this virus.

    These rules are really getting ridiculous.

  • Patricia RowePosted on 5/20/21

    Thank you for always making sure people are informed of new information as it comes out.



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