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Returning to Liturgy

It's with mixed emotions that we announce our reopening this weekend, May 30/31 (Saturday 4:30 pm and Sunday 9:30 am).  There is so much joy at being able to gather in Worship together again, but so much anxiety at the unknown. Click on the link below to open our Letter or Reopening that will explain the ways we are trying to keep everyone safe. 

We want you to know it is okay if you don't return right away -- we love you and miss you but we want you around for our future  -- so take your time and wait until you are comfortable returning.  As of the date this blog is published, we are only able to accommodate 25% of our capacity and we've cut down to two Liturgies.  Why did we cut down to two Liturgies?  To lessen the exposure of the staff who need to be present at the liturgies.  Not knowing the full extent of this virus' movements, we are aware that the more time people are exposed to shared breathing space the higher the risk of contracting it becomes.  Even taking the precaution of wearing masks isn't 100%.  Know that as things change we will be rolling with those changes to the best of our ability and safety.

It may seem like a huge sacrifice this holding back from our old routines and our "normal" lives, but compared to other struggles we have all been through, this is one of the easiest ways we can do good works for our fellow sister's and brother's in Christ.  May the Good Lord keep you all in good health.

Much Love & Many Blessings,

AOD Guideline to Returning to Mass Video

Letter of Reopening


  • Laura VeryserPosted on 6/01/20

    Yes we read that the Saginaw Diocese is doing that as well -- it does sound like a good practice. Thank you so much for the idea though. Hope your are staying safe!

  • John VermeerschPosted on 5/30/20

    A church I attend in Phoenix passes Communion at exit, as parishiners are leaving mass, vs returning to their seats.... FYI....God bless



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