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LARRY'S Surgery Day

Jun 10, 2019

So it is still on as planned!
Praise Jesus.
Some of us saw Him yesterday -- he was in good spirits but understandably nervous.
Knowing though that you were all sending your prayers made him happy and calmed his soul.

He went in at 6:45 am and around 9:30 he was put on the bypass machine

At 10:30 am they began working on the Mitral Valve.

We will be receiving our next update at Noon.
As soon as we have info we will get it to you.


NOON UPDATE:  Both Valves are done and he is coming off Bypass

1:30 Update:
Mitral Valve Replaced -- Tricuspid Valve Repaired
Repaired part of the Heart that Controls AFib.
All working well!


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