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Wristbands of Welcome

Mar 17, 2019

In a world where wristbands, titles, tickets and memberships get you through the door at a price, with our Lenten Program at St. Louis, we’ve decided to make sure you know how free it is to be part of the Body of Christ.  At Liturgy the first weekend of Lent each Companion on the Journey received two wristbands: 1 to keep and 1 to share.  As you Journey, you were encouraged to share your second band with anyone you see who needs to know they are loved and welcomed into this community of Christ without expectations or cost.  Your wristband is to remind you of the same. Just as God’s love and mercy are given to you without cost, please remember how welcomed we ALL are into this community of believers.

Did you find someone to share your wristband with?  Did you find more than one person to share your wristband with? 
Share your stories of faith with your companions on the journey in the comments below...


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