Staff Member: Lawrence A. Pettke

Staff Member: Lawrence A. Pettke

Lawrence A. Pettke


Larry returned to the fullness of God on November 9, 2019 -- He is dearly missed.

Our pastor Larry Pettke - a guy who hates to toot his own horn (unless you're in the parking lot and he's trying to scare you).
He became a priest in 1981 (at least that's what the ancient scrolls say) and came to St. Louis in 2007.
His kindness and service to this community is overwhelming. And the ordinary guy he is at weekend Liturgy is exactly the same guy he is every day of the week!
He helps with all aspects of the behind the scenes work-- he'll fold things, he'll clean things, he'll cook and he does it happily. He is down to earth and easy to talk to (once he stops talking.)
He tells the worst jokes and sings loud and off key (if he finds a key). He is Red Wings Fan #1 and will break into the Canadian National Anthem anytime he hears the word Canada.
Best of all, though he dislikes being called Father, he is the truest form of the word. He loves his congregation, cares for their well-being and will do almost anything for them.

Photo of Lawrence A. Pettke