Staff Member: Cindy Gustafson

Staff Member: Cindy Gustafson

Cindy Gustafson

Worship "Woman" Coordinator & Pastoral Team Member
Phone: 586-468-8734 ext 110
Email: Click Here to Email

Cindy was first a parishioner of St. Louis, having been married here 40 years ago to her husband, Gary. In 2009, when she was laid off from her job, she offered to “help out” for a couple of weeks while one of our parish secretaries was on medical leave. That couple of weeks turned into a two year stay! After a four year stint at another job (on the outside) she was offered a position at St. Louis as Parish Office Manager and gratefully accepted. Then we tricked her by secretly grooming her for the Worship position. Muhahaha! And she is our Worship Woman. She’s enjoys her job so much that she jokingly commented one day that she should be paying the church to let her work here. Not a day goes by that Larry doesn’t ask her when she’s going to make good on that statement! You’ve probably seen Cindy when you attend liturgy, as she is our main sacristan and usually sits through two or three of Larry’s homilies each weekend. (A payback for not “paying back” the church for having the opportunity to work here!)

If you have any questions about how, when or why things are happening here at St. Louis, give Cindy or one of our other parish secretaries a call or email. They usually have the low-down on what’s going on. (or can make up something believable or at least, entertaining.)

Cindy’s husband, Gary, is also employed as part of the maintenance crew here at church. They have two grown daughters who attended the Faith Formation classes at St. Louis as children and who also attending liturgies here – well, sometimes!

Photo of Cindy Gustafson